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It's All About The Shoes!

Cal-OSHA found Home Depot’s safety policies and prohibition on open-toed or open-heeled shoes did not adequately protect employees. Result was a $11,250 citation, not including the cost of the injury and indirect costs of updating their safety program, appeal, legal fees, investigation time, etc. Click here to find out how to establish a shoe policy

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Preventing Violence in Our Workplaces

Recently, there seems to be an almost palpable and growing concern of violence occurring in our communities, schools and workplaces. At the same time there is a confusing dynamic. The issue of workplace violence seems to dominate our news feeds (and interest) in a very predictable manner; for a few days, or weeks after a high-profile incident occurs, then the energy fades.

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Organizing and Effective Safety Committee

An active and effective safety committee whose membership and functions are reflective of the company’s size, complexity, and operating exposures will play a key role in the overall performance of that company.  The Safety Committee is established to be of benefit first and foremost to the employees it represents, but it is also established as a safeguard and protector of the Company’s assets. 

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