School District Risk Management

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Managing School District risks can be extremely challenging and often overlooked. ESM recognizes the importance that our Administrators play in ensuring our students and community are safe from hazards. Our strategic roadmap has provided Districts with identifying and managing risk, which keeps our educators healthy, safe and teaching our future generations. find out below how our services have helped one District reduce their injury frequeny by 51% and a direct savings of over $170,000 per policy year through Return To Work.

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Establishing Goals

Developing a risk management plan to reduce the cost and impact of Workers' Compensation is a District priority. In working with School Districts, ESM has developed a strategic plan that focuses on achieving District goals, which is to keep staff and community safe from exposure. Strategic goals can be as follows:

  1. Reduce injury frequency to less than XX claims (using a 4-year average)

  2. Reduce claims costs to less than $XXX,XXX (using a 4-year average)

  3. Obtain Return To Work / Job Accommodation savings greater than $XXX.XXX (using a 4-year average

  4. Implement / improve safety initiatives focused on reducing risk across all sites, priortizing trending sites

  5. Establish best practices for claims reporting and oversight, minimizing the cost and impact of injuries

  6. Using Temporary Alternative Duties (TADS), return injured employees back to gainful employment

  7. Develop the District Safety Committee comprised of Site leads to oversees the risk management initiatives

ESM has provided consistent support and education to assist with making Campbell Unified School District’s Workers’ Compensation program the lowest rate in the area.
CUSD has reduced our number of claims by 51% over the past 4 years and saved over $173,320 in direct Return To Work savings during one policy year alone.
— Jim Crawford, Deputy Superintendent, Campbell Union School District

School District Clients


Injury Frequency

Frequency reduction attributed to safety initiatives.

Claims Management Oversight

ESM’s Claims Management oversight and advocacy provides education to better manage a District's Workers’ Compensation claims and most valuable assets - teachers and administrators, all classified support staff, and our maintenance team.  We work with Human Resouces to ensure that the District is assigned the best adjuster at the Third Party Administrator and coordinate and facilitate claims reviews for the best possible ethical, legal and financial outcome. ESM claims management services include: 

  • Provide monthly claims reviews and education with dedicated staff

  • Develop internal claims procedures for effective injury management

  • Provide MSA training and procedures to dedicated staff

  • Schedule and facilitate quarterly claims reviews with the TPA

  • Continue to evaluate TPA claims management activities and results

  • Provide oversight on claims to ensure prompt resolution

  • Provide quarterly reports tracking progress of claim closure strategies

  • Continue revision of claims kit for District wide training

  • Monthly Loss trending reports

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Monthly Savings via Modified Duty

Savings tracked using ESM's Light Duty Tracking Matrix
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Return To Work

We understand the importance of staying proactive with safety efforts as well as the difficulties of being vigilant over a District’s safety needs ESM Return To Work services include:

  • Provide monthly RTW reviews and education with dedicated staff

  • Develop, revise and/or modify the RTW program

  • Develop Light Duty tracking matrix for identifying RTW cost savings

  • Provide ongoing situational analysis and consulting

  • OSHA 300 log trending and analysis

  • Develop FEHA scenarios to test/audit effectiveness of the Interactive Process

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