Workers' Compensation Risk Management


 Risk Management Services


Insite: INSurance Information Tracking Ecosystem

Insite is a secure Agency portal for client management, providing everything Workers’ Compensation related. Secure your clients’ most important data, access claims management tracking and trending across clients and industries for meaningful comparisons and benchmarks, centralize communication for you and your clients and provide your clients with educational resources and access to a risk management compliance library. Leveraging the power of Salesforce Communities, Insite provides clients with a new way of doing business.


Insurance Agency Services 

ESM  provides value added services to Agencies and their clients with the goal of retaining existing accounts and creating a competitive advantage to obtain new opportunities. Our vision is to support your Agency needs in providing your insureds with education and resources focused on reducing the risk and cost associated with Workers’ Compensation. Whether your needs encompass Claims Management technical expertise, Cal-OSHA Regulatory Compliance or Return To Work programs that reduce Temporary Disability costs, ESM's core services model align with your Agency needs and your insured's pain points.  


Claims Advocacy

ESM provides the tools and training for employers to return an injured worker back into a productive team member. Many factors influence and impact the outcome of a workers’ compensation claim, which can be a time of discomfort and uncertainty for the employee, and requires additional time, effort and expense for the employer and coworkers. Our team of Claims Advocates provides clients with expert advice focused on helping them make the most ethical, financial and legal decision when managing their Workers’ Compensation claims.

Client Track Record

35,000+ Claims Managed | $20,000,000+ Saved


Safety Management

Effective safety programs are the result of management leadership and the application of proven management principles throughout the organization. Risk must be identified and evaluated, appropriate controls must be chosen and implemented, and the entire process must be monitored and continuously improved. ESM's safety professionals are experts in safety program management and will bring your program a new vision that will lead to safety excellence while reducing risk and cost.


Return-To-Work Program

A Return-To-Work (RTW) program is designed to help employees remain a productive member of your workforce without impeding their recovery or risking additional injury. Having an effective RTW program helps reduce Workers’ Compensation costs, control Experienced Modification (X-Mod), facilitate the injured worker’s recovery, and increase the potential for a positive resolution of the claim. Click below to find out the benefits of a successful Return-To-Work Program.


School District Risk Management

Utilizing ESM's suite of services, California school districts can reduce injuries and costs all while keeping educators working in full capacity. ESM's proven track record can be summarized in a cost savings of over $175,000 per year for one  Self Insured District. Establishing District goals and recruiting support from District wide staff helps ensure each Site is working towards common District safety goals. Additionally developing best practices for the claims handler ensures communication is optimized across the District. Click below to find out how one California School District saves over $150,000 a year.


TPA Audit

Whether you are considering a Workers’ Compensation claims audit for COMPLIANCE or for CONFIRMATION, ESM provides comprehensive, cost effective claim file audits. You will receive reports and recommendations for improving your bottom line that provide actionable cost saving steps to implement with your Third Party Administrator.

ESM’s experienced and credentialed claim advocates will collaborate with you to establish the criteria to be audited that will satisfy regulatory requirements as well as uncover leaks in expense costs that can reduce your Workers’ Compensation costs.