Services that Reduce Risk & Cost


Workers'Compensation online community

ESM has created a private Slack Workspace for employers to share Workers' Compensation best practices, resources and recommendations into managing Workers' Compensation programs. Our private channel facilitates authentic experience sharing, cross-industry networking, introductions and  professional relationships. Members include Workers' Compensation decision makers and a network of supporting resources.  Click below to join the Workers' Compensation Community today.

Workers'Compensation Claims management

Many factors influence and impact the outcome of a Workers’ compensation claim, which can be a time of discomfort and uncertainty for the employee, and requires additional time, effort and expense for the employer and coworkers. Easing the transition back to normalcy occurs when all parties are given a clear understanding of the process and know what to expect. ESM's team provides you with expert advice focused on helping you make the most ethical, financial and legal decision when managing your claims.  

Safety management

Effective safety programs are the result of management leadership and the application of proven management principles throughout the organization. Risk must be identified and evaluated, appropriate controls must be chosen and implemented, and the entire process must be monitored and continuously improved. ESM's safety professionals are experts in safety program management and will bring your program a new vision that will lead to safety excellence while reducing risk and cost.

Self Insured Employers

TPA audits can be suited to your specific needs. Whether you are accruing to fund older claims or ensuring proper internal TPA practices that reflect your contract agreement, an audit provides peace of mind that your TPA has your best interest in mind.  Each claim is analyzed and checked for financial and payment accuracy, compliance with Workers’ Compensation regulations and appropriate claims management including regular, result driven diaries and appropriate supervision and oversight.

DIGITAL Risk management PRODUCTS

ESM has developed a suite of comprehensive Risk Management downloadable programs to help employers accelerate the development of their Safety Management, Claims Management and Return To Work initiatives.  Our proprietary programs have been developed in working with 1,000+ employers over 12+ years. These programs will help employers comply with industry regulations while also providing best practices to reduce their Workers' Compensation risk and cost.  Click below to find our more.

Return To Work

ESM's Return-To-Work (RTW) program is designed to help employees remain a productive member of your workforce without impeding their recovery or risking additional injury. Having an effective RTW program helps reduce Workers’ Compensation Temporary Disability costs, control Experienced Modification (X-Mod) Rate, facilitate the injured worker’s recovery, and increase potential for a positive resolution of the claim. ESM's 8 step RTW program delivers results. 

School district risk management

Utilizing ESM's suite of services, California school districts can reduce injuries and costs all while keeping educators working in full capacity. ESM's proven track record can be summarized in a cost savings of over $175,000 per year for one  Self Insured District. Establishing District goals and recruiting support from District wide staff helps ensure each Site is working towards common District safety goals. Additionally developing best practices for the claims handler ensures communication is optimed across the District. 

Risk management Compliance Program

Strong Risk Management programs are built rather than evolve.  ESM has developed a comprehensive Risk Management Program that includes all of the tools, training and best practices you will need to manage your Safety, Claims management and Return To Work programs. Our written program includes over 250+ tools that have been developed  over 12 years using best practices gleaned from public and private employers with world-class safety programs.