Risk Management Compliance Program

All of your Safety + Claims Management + Return To Work + Compliance tools & best practices in one program.

Managing company risk is difficult. Employers too often are subject to an incessantly changing environment. Whether it be managing employee behavior, interpreting new governmental regulations, or a physically changing jobsite; employers need tools and guidance to mitigate risk and cost while ensuring compliance with applicable laws. 

The ESM Risk Management Program is a comprehensive out-of-the-box suite of  Safety, Claims Management and Return To Work tools. This written compliance program includes over 450+ best practices, tools and trainings that have been developed in working with 500+ employers over 12 years.

Rather than start with a blank piece of paper, employers can start with a fully developed written program coupled with professional guidance in implementation.  Click below to find out more about each product tier. 

Our business has doubled in size, and our starting point did not include a focused Safety Program... ESM serves as “educators” to my company.
— Ken Strunk, Owner/GM Artisan Bakers

To learn more about ESM's Risk Management program, click below for our latest webinar on Risk Management. 

Click above for a webinar where Anthony Poston, CEO of ESM Solutions discusses how to develop a Workers' Compensation risk management program that reduces your company's risk and cost.


Program overview

ESM's Risk Management toolbox includes:

  • Risk Management governance
    • Safety committee essentials 
    • Management matrix for tracking monthly goals and initiatives
    • Team monthly briefing reports
    • Safety Audit to ensure program management & compliance
  • Safety Management compliance and training documents
    • New Hire Safety Orientation (NHSO) module
    • OSHA compliance policies
    • 30+ Safety compliance training modules 
    • 70+ Tailgate toolbox trainings
    • Injury & Illness Prevention (IIPP) program & compliance forms
    • Code of Safe Practices (COSP)
    • Safety Suggestion Program
  • Claims Management tools
    • Injury reporting kit
    • First Aid injury management program
    • Job Description templates
  • Return To Work
    • ESM's proprietary Return To Work module
    • Medical Provider Network (MNP) communication tools
    • Light duty tracking matrix (for monitoring ROI)


File Cloud Sharing

Utilizing a collaborative cloud file share platform, ESM can both deliver the program instantly to your computer and customize the tools to match your risk management needs. Online training and collaboration ensure the program is implemented and managed for optimal results. 

Organized file system

Files are organized for efficiency and can be shared across multiple administrators to ensure appropriate managers have the most recent versions, accessible onsite or in the field. As one SOP is updated, it will replicate across all devices.  


Click above to watch an overview of ESM's Risk Management Program.

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