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What is the Workers' Compensation Community?

ESM has created a private Slack Workspace for employers to share Workers' Compensation best practices, recommendations, tools and insights into managing Workers' Compensation programs. Our private channel facilitates authentic experience sharing, cross-industry networking, introductions and long-term professional relationships. Members include decision makers such as Risk Managers, HR Managers/Directors, Safety Managers, Operations Directors, Executive Directors, Workers’ Comp Administrators, and more. Join your fellow peers and gain resources, knowledge and peer mentorship for less than $1 a day.

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Who can join? 

While we don't want to exclude anyone from this membership, the purpose of this community is to connect employers who share a similar role, which typically falls into one of the following categories:

  • Risk Managers
  • Executive Directors
  • Human Resource Managers/Directors
  • Operations Managers
  • Workers' Compensation administrators 
  • Safety Coordinators/Managers/Directors
  • Controllers who manage their organization's Workers' Compensation

Our Workspace administrators monitor the membership and content to ensure the integrity of the Community remains dedicated to supporting fellow Workers' Compensation professionals.

Soliciting of any kind is prohibited. 
review our community RulesFrequently asked questions and Terms & conditions for more information

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What are the benefits of being a member?

In today's professional world, we are asked to do more with less. By being part of this community you can lean on others in the same professional role, dealing with the same or similar challenges.  Sharing information creates accelerated decision making when you need it most.  Additional benefits include:

Professional education and networking doesn't have to just take place at industry conferences...
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Why did we start this Community?

After over a decade of working with large and small employers in helping them to manage their Workers' Compensation programs (Claims Management, Safety Management and Return To Work), we felt the insurance ecosystem was missing a much needed service: a peer mentorship community dedicated to employers.

Leveraging available technology, ESM has launched a private, invite-only community where employers that span across a multitude of industries and geographic regions can share problems, solutions, peer mentorship and networking. Together we share a vision of professional success through peer mentorship, based upon three core beliefs:

  1. No one is better qualified to advise employers than fellow employers,
  2. Multiple perspectives are better than one, and
  3. Relationships are the foundation of success.

We see this community as an opportunity to share and gain insights providing members with tools they need to succeed in their professional career. Join today and become both a student and a teacher.  

Professional education and networking doesn't have to just take place at can happen online.

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For more information, click on our Frequently Asked Questions,  Community Rules or Terms & Conditions