Reduce litigation.  Reduce lost time.  Save dollars.  There are critical steps you should take at the beginning of the policy year to set yourself up for greater success if an injury occurs.   Act NOW. Do your part, take charge to be more proficient and effective this year.

  • Call your adjuster and claims team early.  Introduce yourself and set expectations early.

    • Let you adjuster know your Return To Work philosophy

    • Tell your adjuster to advise you of any change in work status

    • You want to be informed if medical treatment is denied or non-certified.

    • Communication is key.  Establish a relationship.  If a turn of events occurs such as surgery being scheduled, litigation, large reserve changes or change of doctors, you want the adjuster to inform you

  • Contact/visit your medical clinic.

    • Introduce yourself to the physician, office manager and Work Comp coordinator.  Know who to contact if an issue arises

    • Ensure the clinic knows your company’s Return To Work policy

    • Ensure the clinic has your contact information and your protocol on receiving work status reports

    • Provide the clinic with current job descriptions

    • Labor code 3762 (Employer Bill of Rights) permits you to know three things: the diagnosis, medical treatment plan and work status.

  • Review your job descriptions and temporary assignment duties for currency and accuracy

  • Review your employee handbook to ensure your claim reporting policy, employee’s responsibilities and Return To Work is clearly outlined and identified

  • Be prepared. Create claim packets with DWC-1, 5020, Employee and witness statement forms, accident investigation form, declination of treatment and medical release forms

  • Ensure the current required DWC (Division of Workers Compensation) labor, wage and Notice to Employees (work injuries) posters are hung in an area frequently read by employees.

Taking these steps before an injury occurs will give you a plan to follow and ease your employee’s transition from injury to recovery… and save you time and money!

Please contact me if you need assistance with any of these items on your checklist.