Top 10 Claim Concerns Most Often Heard

Top 10 Claim Concerns Most Often Heard

As a claims consultant I answer employer questions daily regarding their employees, return to work and claim concerns.  Here are my responses to the top 10 concerns that I hear most often.

  1. Worker’s Compensation is a no-fault system. Poor judgment and stupid mistakes are not a reason for denial of a claim.

  2. Return to Work starts at the time of injury. Constant communication is key. Don’t give up!

  3. Keeping your employee engaged in modified work is key to quicker recovery and saves dollars. (i.e. Temporary Disability payments).

  4. Every opportunity to engage in Return to Work discussion is an opportunity for you and your employee to be in sync and address any concerns (mitigating potential litigation exposure).

  5. Just because your employee filed a claim or got an attorney does not mean you’re being sued.

  6. Just because your employee got an attorney does not mean you cannot speak to him/her regarding employment issues.

  7. You have the right and are encouraged to speak to your occupational health physician about your employee.

  8. Disability payments made to your employee are tax free.

  9. Caution should be taken when considering terminating an employee who has an open claim.

  10. Hiring the right individual is key. If you hire them broken, they may cost you. Ensure you have solid recruitment and hiring practices.


New provisions took effect for injuries occurring on or after 1/1/18 and most treatment on accepted claims does not need Carrier authorization for the first 30 days.  There are some exceptions. This should speed up treatment, and avoid Utilization Review fees.