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Education is a critical pillar to the ESM service strategy. Our best practices, analysis and recommendations have provided over 1,000+ employers with strategies that accelerate compliance and mitigate the risk and cost associated with Workers' Compensation. 

We now bring the education and tools to you via the
ESM Workers' Compensation School.



Why should you enroll?

Over 13+ years, ESM has developed and implemented risk management programs to accelerate and enhance Workers' Compensation strategies for public and private sector employers.  We now offer these tools in a curriculum format, which provide for the following:

Professional Benefits: 

  • Enhanced knowledge of administering Safety, Claims Management and Return To Work programs for your Company

  • Tools and best practices to accelerate your strategy and results, gleaned from public and private sector employers and industry experts

  • Certificate of completion for:

    • Increased professional stock value

    • Potential discounts on Work Comp Premiums when your broker leverages your certificates for Insurance Carrier "scheduled credits"

  • Professional guidance from Risk Managers & Industry Experts that have decades of experience

What you will receive (review each curriculum for specific details):

  • Training Video (15 - 25 mins)

  • Certificate of completion

  • PowerPoint Presentation Slides

  • Compliance policies & best practices gleaned from over 1,000+ employers

  • Additional training modules as applicable

    • Learners guide, powerpoint training, quiz and answers

  • Forms, checklists and other tools to help administer your Risk Management program

Discounts are available through ESM’s Insurance Agency partners. Contact us or your Insurance Broker for more information.

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Certificate of Completion

Provide to your Insurance Broker to assist with negotiating Insurance Carrier "Scheduled Credits" (Premium Discounts).

Enhance your Work Comp knowledge and increase your professional stock value.

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The heat is here! As the temperature intensifies, the potential for heat related illnesses rises dramatically. Heat illnesses are serious and it is important that you properly train and remain vigilant over your employees, especially during high-heat days.


Completing your OSHA 300 form can be daunting, and are California employers required to submit it electronically to OSHA? In this session, we will discuss reporting requirements and how to properly complete your OSHA 300 as well as how to use your 300 to set establish and measure risk management goals.


California employers with 5 or more employees are required to have an Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). But it’s more than just having the written program, it’s imperative that implementation of the program exist in order to minimize workplace injuries and unnecessary Workers Compensation costs as well as ensure compliance with Title 8.

analyzing loss runs & extrapolating trends

Workers’ Compensation data can help you to develop risk management trends that reduce the cost and impact of Workers’ Compensation. Regularly reviewing loss runs and understanding what key information to analyze from these reports, is a crucial part of effectively minimizing the cost and impact of workplace injuries.


Ah-oh! OSHA’s at the front desk. What do we do? If not properly prepared (or in compliance), an unexpected OSHA visit can be costly and stressful.