ESM's Affiliate Partnership Program

ESM's Affiliate Partnership Program provides our Partners with an opportunity to leverage these Digital Products as a competitive advantage into generating new business opportunities and shared revenue. Click below for more information.

The ESM Digital Product Suite is a comprehensive out-of-the-box suite of  Safety, Claims Management and Return To Work tools focused on mitigating risk and cost associated with an employer’s Workers’ Compensation. This written compliance programs include over 450+ best practices, tools and trainings that have been developed in working with 1,000+ employers over 13 years.

Why is having a Risk Management Program important for employers?
Click below to see how not having a forklift program impacted this small California employer.

Our business has doubled in size, and our starting point did not include a focused Safety Program... ESM serves as “educators” to my company.
— Ken Strunk, Owner/GM Artisan Bakers

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